Friday, December 14, 2012

Stratigies for Glitter (after the fact) and PTI MIM #95

Well, it's time for another Papertrey "Make It Monday", and you can see Heather's video about layering glittered shapes here. I've been wanting to make a purely die cut Hanukkah card. I used the  'Menorah Medley Die Collection' to make the menorah, candles, and lit 'glow halo'. For the flames I used holographic teardrop shaped stickers from Stampendous. The glittered glow was made from Papertrey's 'White Adhesive Sheets' taped front side down, with the sticky backside holding the menorah and glitter together. I finished it off with a die cut 'peace' instead of Shalom. (Do you think we should ask Papertrey to offer us a few Jewish word and symbol dies next year?)

I thought of many ways to make the halo of light around the candles. In the end I settled for two different colors of glitter - a round yellow glitter that I sprinkled on more heavily around the flames and then finished off with a clear glitter to carry the glow all around. It looks pretty good from a distance, but my close-up doesn't seem to capture the same effect. The menorah and 'peace' were cut from some of the 40's wallpaper I mentioned in my last post. The card itself is Papertrey's 'Enchanted Evening' cardstock.

And lastly, I've been told by many people (some I even consider friends,) that I have an excellent list of reasons why my house is covered with glitter, especially at this time of year. Since I've already done the work of generating these excuses, I'm passing them along to you as an early Christmas gift. 

The following list is presented for your pleasure as a PNG, so just  right click to save a copy, or print, for the front of your refrigerator!


  1. Love this card. Very good take on the challenge, and I like your glittery menorah. Also, your strategies for dealing with errant glitter are very funny, and will be of great use to me next time I take out my glitter.

  2. Fabulous card...I love the glowing effect you gave your menorah, so stunning. I just cracked up while reading your strategies for the glitter, so funny because my family hates glitter, I am the only normal one and now I know what to say when they complain. Thank you!

  3. Love your card - perfectly balanced & the glitter glow around the flames is a fabulous use of the MIM technique!

  4. Beautiful card Marcie! Love the way you used the glitter,and the gold words..... Gorgeous!
    Love the errant glitter list ! Sometimes my husband thinks I got glamed up just for him .....because I have it all over...:) we know that is not the case......

  5. beautiful, love the shine! and your list of responses is just so funny! could you please send me your email address? you'll easily find mine on my sidebar


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