Sunday, November 24, 2013

Papertrey's November Blog Hop - Paper House

After a long absence, I'm finally posting again. Who can resist making little paper houses, especially at holiday time when bling is a necessity? Papertrey's Blog Hop this November is one I just couldn't sit out. You can find the link for the house template and the blog hop here.

The house is small at only 2 1/2" a side. This was a good challenge, since most of my PTI stamps were just too big.

I finally settled on a fabric-based quilted cottage theme. (This house looks so much cozier in person. For some reason I took terrible pics of this, and had no time, or sun, left for a second shoot.) Eventually, an LED tea-light (that hasn't been purchased yet) will show off the pale pink vellum windows.

Down to the details.

I love how PTI colors work together, and I've always wanted to make a project using the lighter and bluer hues of Christmas - Scarlet Jewel, Autumn Rose, Pinefeather, and Ocean Tides. Kraft ink was used for the "stitched together" sides, using the a stamp from Sew Simple Borders. My double striped stamp made ticking walls. (Don't you just love the homey look of ticking?)

The windows are round so that the half button shutters will cover them neatly. (I stamped the die cut buttons with a small floral print, but I'm not so sure you can easily tell they are buttons now. Would some "Glossy Accents" help define them better, or should I just leave them alone?)

The back of the house shows off the 'gingerbread' lace that lines the roof on all four sides. (Used a bit of Glossy Accents on the cut ends of the trims to keep them from unraveling.) All the windows are topped the the leaves from Believe, with pink gems covering the berries.

Happy Hexagons
stamps on die cut pieces from the Hexagon Cover Plate form a warm roof. I wanted some stitching lines to enhance it's 'quiltiness', but didn't have a good  idea how to do that. Do  you have a way that has worked for you? I'd love to know what works.

Now for a second question. I REALLY wanted to glitter my little house, but thought that the glitter would ruin the fabric ambiance. What do you think about a little along the eves and maybe the windows? Roll the whole house around in it?

Saved my favorite for last - the front door. Two sets helped me finish the trimmings. The wreath is from Believe, the banner and trees are from Door To Door. (Don't those trees look like they're made from thread?)  I like buttons in the the corners of the banner, but I've not conquered the technique of button coloring using alcohol markers.

If you have any thoughts concerning my questions, or are just a dear, please leave a comment. I love hearing what fellow crafters think. Thanks for taking the time for the house tour, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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