Thursday, September 25, 2014

Free Halloween Bingo Cards to Download - Part 2

Here are three of Halloween Bingo cards I designed, in their larger formats. These can be easily sized for printing, and you can print only the cards that appeal to you. (If you want these cards in ready-to-print format, click here.)

The card above was designed with the first Bingo card below, and the fabulous fiddle-playing cat is from Dover's Full-Color Holiday Vignettes CD-ROM and Book. (I am a serious Dover book fanatic. My book is old enough that it didn't come with a CD.) If you would like a free source for this image, you can find one at Magic Moonlight Studio - Free Images.

Truth be told, the inspiration for all my Halloween cards using Bingo cards, comes from the drop dead fabulous Ginny, at Polly's Paper Studio blog. If you love vintage images and richly layered compositions, Ginny is at the top of the list. Once you start looking, you won't be able to stop.

(Just a personal note here: Usually, copying cards seems like a cheat to me, BUT boy do I learn a lot when I use a great card as the basis for mine. Visual creativity is not my strongest suit, and by patterning my card off another, I discover all kinds of things that make the cards work, such as how the balance of the composition is achieved.)

On to the first batch of Halloween Bingo cards. Each of these have a different base, and are a bit less Bingo-ish than the four cards found here. (Click on images to enlarge.)

Original Pressman BINGO card

Grave Yard Header
Cross written letter - Background

BINGO Card Base
Bat Motif Around Letters
Thorny Branch Frame
Ghost Lady (Center Block)
* Cruikshank Font *
*Bolton Titling Outline Font*

To see more Bingo cards, see my lat post here.

 I hope you can make use of these BINGO cards and have a blast stirring up a little Halloween magic yourself. Your comments and suggestions are gratefully received.
Full-Color Holiday Vignettes CD-ROM and Book
Full-Color Holiday Vignettes CD-ROM and Book
Full-Color Holiday Vignettes CD-ROM and Book
Full-Color Holiday Vignettes CD-ROM and Book

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